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Dan Swenson, Retired, M.S. Experiential Education - Board Treasurer

Dan Swenson is retired and was a 4-H member as a youth. He received his BS from the U of M, Twin Cities and recently an MS in Experiential Education at MSU, Mankato. Dan is a volunteer judge at the regional Science and Engineering Fairs held each year in Mankato. He is a former member of the Waseca City Police Reserve and past board member and treasurer of the Waseca County Historical Society. Dan Swenson can be reached at dans@technicalacademies.org 

Marissa Johnson, CHOICE Board Member, Recorder

Marissa graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in English Education. She taught remedial English courses for one summer at the Valley View Learning Center in Dover, MN. She also spent two years teaching high school English at Don Bosco Catholic High School in Gilbertville, IA. Marissa is looking forward to becoming an active member of the Owatonna community and sharing her passion for learning with the students and faculty at CHOICE. Marissa can be reached at mjohnson@technicalacademies.org 


Sue Blumhoefer - DREAM/Willmar, Board Chair                                                                                          

I grew up in Fairfax and have 2 sisters, I graduated from the St Cloud Business School. After marrying Matt, my High School sweetheart, in 1990 we moved to Willmar where I worked at Herberger's for 7 years and then started in the real estate industry as an office assistant working for Century 21 Kandi Realty for 10 years before being hired at WCAR as administrative assistant and then in May 2011 was promoted by the Board of Directors as the Association Executive.   I received my RCE REALTOR® Association Certified Executive designation in 2014. Volunteer at our church and currently serve as the chair of the Dream Academy Advisory Council. My greatest accomplishment is raising 2 wonderful boys.  Having had 1 son attend DREAM Technical Academy in Willmar I am very passionate about Project Based Learning and serving on the TAM board lets me give back to a school that is doing great things for local students.   I love to read, spend time outside, camp and eat dark chocolate!  My favorite phrase is "Make Today Ridiculously Amazing".   Sue Blumhoefer can be reached at sueb@technicalacademies.org

Elias Johnson - DREAM/Willmar, Board Vice Chair

Elias Johnson is an advisor at Dream Technical Academy. He graduated from Luther College in 2012. Before working at Dream, he lived and taught in Indonesia for two years. Elias enjoys the passion that students bring to a project-based school and is looking forward to seeing what new things the students discover and create. Elias Johnson can be reached at ejohnson@technicalacademies.org   

Billie Johnson - DREAM/Willmar

This is my first year on the board but have been with TAM from the beginning on various committees where I have served as a project coordinator and volunteer for many projects.   I work full time at Life-Science Innovations in the research and development department, recently graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Masters in Ecology and Environmental  Science and in the process of earning my certification as a Certified Safety Professional.  

I am also the founder of the 10 Pin Youth Scholarship Program that assists kids of all ages in the opportunity to earn college scholarships through the sport of bowling and get the pleasures of being a part of building their future by mentoring, coaching the high-school bowling team, youth league and a travel league. 

I have worked with many drop out students on my own time and have assisted each and everyone of them in earning a GED or passing high school so they could attend college or apply for a job.   I am the founder of a scholarship program which allows me to work with kids who don't normally have a good structure at home or have been lost in the loop of the traditional learning atmosphere. 

My biggest passions are writing music, the bowling scene, my St Bernards and most of all..... building things.  I like to build homes for people and/or revamp living spaces, and most of all , I enjoy building people.  I have worked with many organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, F.O.R Community, the United States Bowling Congress, and last but not least, TAM.  It's been a pleasure to serve on the board so far and I have enjoyed getting to know about what has made this organization such a great community asset; especially for our youth.  Billie can be reached at billiej@technicalacademies.org

Join Us!

If you would like to get involved, learn more about the Technical Academies, or help with recruitment and our start-up fundraising, please contact any of our board members or email us for information.  Board meetings are open to the public. Email info@technicalacadmies.org for more information and to contact board members.


The TAM Board of Directors meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm.  Meetings are held in public locations as indicated below.  Meetings are also available online.


Upcoming meetings:  Tuesday, February 27,2018, at 6:30pm at CHOICE, 315 S Grove Ave., Owatonna MN and 1025 29 Av SW, Suite 5 (conference room) - Willmar, MN 56201

The TAM Governance Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 4:00pm at CHOICE, 315 S Grove Ave., Owatonna MN and DREAM, 1705 16th St NE, Willmar, MN 56201. Click here to see the agenda for the meeting

Click the link below to join our video meeting:


Or Telephone:

Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)

    Meeting ID: 366 029 4036


    SIP: 4435479143@zoomcrc.com


TAM Board Subcommittees

1. Governance Subcommittee: Marissa Johnson, Billie Johnson, Tammie Knick, Michael Millerbernd, Sara Baird

Purpose: The Governance Subcommittee was created to review the TAM bylaws and TAM board policies.

Next Meeting: TBD at Choice Technical Academy, 315 S. Grove, Owatonna.

Governance Subcommittee Agendas                                                 Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                                         3/23/17                                                                                              3/23/2017  

11/16/17  7pm                                                                                  11/16/17

11/27/17 6pm                                                                                   11/27/17

12/11/17 4pm                                                                                    1/2/18

1/18/18 4pm                                                                                       1/18/18

1/30/18 4pm  

2/6/18 4PM                                                                                         2/6/18

2/13/18 4PM                                                                                      2/13/18

2. Academic Excellence Committee: Sue Blumhoefer, Jaime Larson, Sara Baird, Marissa Johnson

Purpose:  Committee will evaluate performance of each school and report back to the the board.  Committee will work with each site to find ways the TAM board can help them be successful. 

Next Meeting: November 20th 4:30 pm online see login information for board meetings.  Agenda

Agenda                                                                                         Meeting Minutes

11/17/17                                                                                       11/17/17

3. Rochester Subcommittee: committee inactive as of September 2017

Rochester Subcommittee Agendas                                                  Meeting Minutes

2/9/2017                                                                                         2/9/2017                                                                                                                                                                                 2/28/2017                                                                                       2/28/2017                                                                                                                                     3/28/2017                                                                                       3/28/2017                                                                                                                                                                          4/25/2017