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  • What is PSEO?

    The Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program allows students to enroll in courses at a college or university and earn both high school and college credit for free. Students attend class with college students, either on campus or online. All courses are taught and graded by college faculty.

     Here are a few advantages to PSEO:

    • The course work is college-level. You may do better in college classes later because you'll know what to expect.
    • You take college-level courses on a college campus - or online. You are taught by a college professor and interact with college students. If you don't feel challenged by your high school classes, you'll have the chance to explore more subjects and more advanced work.
    • Students will earn both high school and college credit by passing the course. This can save you time and money when you actually get to college.

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    Student Registration

    To assist the district in planning, public school students are required to inform their district of their intent to enroll in PSEO courses during the following school year by May 30. If public school students do not notify the enrolling district by May 30th and the enrolling district does not waive the deadline, the family may be responsible for the postsecondary tuition expenses.


    Click here for MDE's PSEO Update (2022)