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    Technical Academies of Minnesota uses a variety of tools to measure and determine a student’s academic growth and proficiency by grade-level standards. These tools range from informal assessments observed during classroom activities to more formal or mandated assessments, such as the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA), NWEA MAP, college entrance exams, and more. Educators can use these assessments to identify the needs of the students and adjust instructional strategies to meet the needs of their students and encourage individualized academic growth.


    The following list includes information on each major assessment Technical Academies of Minnesota schools, DREAM and CHOICE, the dates when they occur, the average time required to complete them, and the justification for their use.  For any questions regarding TAM’s use of assessments, please contact Jaime Larson (jlarson@technicalacademies.org).

    Hope Survey - Fall (9/19/22 - 9/23/22 and Spring (5/8/23 - 5/12/23): 

    The Hope Survey is used to measure non-academic outcomes such as student self-efficacy, optimism, and problem-solving.All new students take the Hope Survey in the fall, while all students take the survey in the spring. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.  

    NWEA MAP Math and Reading - Fall (9/26/22 - 9/30/22) and Spring (4/10/23 - 4/14/23):

    The NWEA MAP test is used to measure progress from fall to spring.  It is used by all students in grades 7 through 11. Students complete both a math and reading test, and each takes approximately 60 minutes.  The NWEA MAP scores are used as part of an authorizer (IQS) goal.

    ACT plus Writing Test - Spring (March 2023):

    It is required for TAM schools to offer the ACT to all 11th and 12th grade students by the state of Minnesota.  The test has five sections (English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing) and takes 3 hours and 35 minutes.

    MCA Tests - Spring:

    • 3/6/23-3/10/23 - MCA Reading - 7th, 8th & 10th grade
    • 3/13/23-3/17/23 - MCA Math - 7th, 8th & 11th grade
    • 3/20/23-3/24/23 - MCA Science (8th through 12th grade)

    The MCA tests are required by the state of Minnesota.  

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