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    The Mission of the Technical Academies of Minnesota (TAM) is to provide a student-directed learning environment that is challenging, democratic, reflective, joyful, and hopeful. Students’ unique needs and capacities are appreciated, and every student is valued as a whole human being — heart, mind, body, and soul.




    TAM is where every student learns, discovers, creates, and inspires to make the world a better place.




    Project-based learning (PBL) is built on the idea that there are better ways for some students to learn and grow. The focus of PBL is to help shape students into self-reliant learners with a mastery of 21st-century skills.


    We have found that the key to success isn’t based on how much a student can memorize, but rather if they are able to set reasonable goals, create a plan to meet those goals, and then follow through on that plan. In a world where the jobs available post-graduation may not even exist today, this is an immensely valuable ability.