• What is Headrush?


  • HEADRUSH empowers student-led learning.

    Headrush puts students in the drivers seat, empowering them to propose ideas and gain support from their advisors, to create a plan together.

    Headrush helps students manage their work and evidence of learning through task boards and collaboration tools, including in-place discussions. Likewise, since assessment is based on competencies, students have a clear sense of what they’ve demonstrated, what they’ve learned, and where they can drive next.

    We all learn differently and start at different places.

    We learn best by doing,
    We learn best by creating,
    We learn best by experiencing the world around us.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I use HEADRUSH?

    Here you can access tutorials to learn more about Headrush. If you have any questions, contact us!

    Why should I log time?

    Why we log time:

    • It's how you receive credit for work you completed.
    • It allows you to reflect on what you did well in your project.  We all learn differently and knowing what we are strong in will help us plan our next project.
    • It allows you to learn from any mistakes.  Just like recognizing strengths, we need to take notice of places we can improve or know what we might want to do differently next time.