• DREAM is a place where "You Belong!"  

    Since opening our doors in the fall of 2014, we have worked hard to create a safe and caring community.  With a maximum enrollment of only 150 students, DREAM staff and students get to know one another well, creating a strong sense of community, almost like a second family.  Each student is assigned an Advisor and Advisory. There are no classrooms at DREAM, but advisory spaces with approximately 18 students in grades 7-12.  Each advisory space has lots of flexible seating and students are able to daily select the space that works best for them according to the projects on which they are working.  Students create their own schedules daily and learn at their own pace. Older students can serve as mentors for younger ones. 

    Each morning begins with Advisory - this is a short session during which Advisors talk about the day's plans, set goals for the day, and may do community building or other activities. 

    Students will work independently, or in small groups on projects for most of the day.  Reading and math are more structured and incorporated into the daily schedule.  

    Students bring a lunch from home but have access to microwaves and refrigerators. Students enjoy social time with their like-aged peers while eating. 

    We partner with Community Christian School in Willmar for sports and other extra-curricular activities.